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Vizio Comments

Lostourtvtoosoon says: (4 years ago)
We purchased a Vizio 60" 6011 in April 2013.
Last Saturday we turned it on, no picture. It is dead.
So far no response from Vizio.
Will NEVER buy their products again.

tvwanted says: (5 years ago)
How do I get my hands on a new mother board. As I have read Vizio mother boards are defective. I paid a $1000 for my 60" it lasted 4 months a typical life span for a Vizio mother board. But now how can I get my hands on a new one with a REAL warranty

bear123 says: (6 years ago)
I have a 55 inch LCD and Visio was very rude on the phone when I told them the tv should not be breaking down within 24 months. The tv went black with only sound and then eventually the sound went out. They said I need a new pcb board. I ordered the board months ago and still on back order. If your reading this post i would guess you to are experiencing problems. Spread the word cause it will cost them money in the long run.

btmos says: (7 years ago)
I purchased a 37 inch TV on 12/31/10. Within four to five months, we had problems. It needed to be serviced two times and then I contacted Vizio and the nightmare began...the story that I rec'd when I phoned Vizio was that if you need to have your NEW Vizio TV sent back for a replacement unit, you will NOT get a new unit unless you pay extra - in my situation, it would have been an add'l $129 according to Vizio employees that I have spoken with. You will get a recertified unit, which could be something that was previously fixed or if a store has too many, they are sent back to Vizio opened, checked, and sent out. Also to my total shock and surprise, warranty on the replacement unit begins when YOU call to request to begin the process NOT once you have received the new or recertified unit. At this writing, I contacted Vizio on 10/4/11 and my recert unit will not be shipped from California for another 2-3 days so it looks as though I may only have a 60 day warranty - not a 90 day warranty. What I have gone through, it doesn't seem as though Vizio is willing to back up their product or what their employees have told me previously, which is a replacement unit comes with a one year warranty. One employee told me that the information I received was inaccurate and that they would talked with the employee but they cannot do anything about it because "if it was done for me, then they would have to do it for everyone else". This employee was very quick to tell me a number of times that I could purchase an extended warranty, again, having the consumer take the brunt of a defective unit. Boy do I feel mislead. The sad part of the story is that Vizio is not willing to help the consumer out. No other options but for me to get a recert, have a 90 day warranty, which would start when I contacted Vizio. I guess because of the statement about not doing for me or anyone else shows that it doesn't matter to Vizio about the customers. I tried to discuss what I would like for the misleading information, such as a one year warranty, as stated to me previously, on the recert unit, to replace my new unit with another new unit, asked if I could get a six month warranty - none of them were even considered. The sad part is that at no time during the sale of this product was I told about replacement, warranty on a replacement, not able to get a new unit for a new unit, or that the 90 day warranty would begin at the time of a call, not when it was received. You find out about part of the warranty steps once the box is opened or when you have a problem that Vizio doesn't want to take care of Well, at this point, I do not have faith in your product, service, information that you staff gives out, or confidence in your company. Buying another Vizio product is not something I will consider again.

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